Guru Amar Das Ji

Name Guru Amar Das
Pontificate Third Guru
Date of Pontificate 16th April, 1552 at Khadur Sahib. Duration of pontificate - about 22 years.
Date and Place of Birth 23rd May 1479 (Nanakshahi calendar)at village Basarke in Amritsar district.
Father's Name Bhai Tej Bhan
Mother's Name Mata Sulakhni or Bakht Kaur.
Wife's Name Bibi Ramo or Mansa Devi
Children Two sons - Baba Mohan & Baba Mohari and Two daughters - Bibi Dani & Bibi Bhani
Date and place of death 16th September, 1574 at Goindwal Sahib. Aged about 95 years.
Bani 907 hymns. All of them are included in the Guru Granth Sahib. 18 musical measures were used.
Special Comments (i) Propagation and spread of Sikhism by establishing 22 Manjis or dioceses and appointing a Manji-holder to each one of them (ii) Social reformation. (iii) Founding of the town of Goindwal and construction of a baoli (stepwell) there. (iv) Conception of Amritsar. (v) Developed Langar and Pangat concept.