Guru Ram Das Ji

Name Bhai Jetha. Renamed Guru Ram Das at the time of receiving Guruship.
Pontificate Fourth
Date of Pontificate 16th September, 1574 at Goindwal Sahib. Duration of pontificate - about 7 years.
Date and Place of Birth 9th October 1534 at Chuna Mandi in Lahore (now in Pakistan).
Father's Name Sodhi Haridas.
Mother's Name Mata Daya Kaur (also called Sabhrai)
Wife's Name Bibi Bhani (daughter of Guru Amar Das).
Children Three sons - Prithi Chand, Mahadev and (Guru) Arjan Dev.
Date and place of death 16th September, 1581 at Goindwal Sahib. Aged about 47 years.
Bani 679 hymns set in 30 musical measures. Whole of the Bani is incorporated in the Guru Granth Sahib.
Special Comments (i) Founded the City of Amritsar. (ii) Construction of the holy tank of Amritsar. (iii) Composed hymns in pure and chaste Panjabi. (iv) Started Massand system. (v) Confirmed, strengthened and consolidated the traditions initiated by the preceding Gurus.